Anita Stasulane

Professor of History of Religions
Daugavpils University/Latvia
Faculty of Humanities

Anita Stasulane is a Professor of History of Religions, a director of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at Daugavpils University (Latvia), graduated Latvian University (1985) and Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, Italy (1998). Her main field of research is cultural studies focusing on major paradigms of the new religious movements and youth culture. She has broad experience in applying the qualitative research methods (ethnography, life story and family history) and executing international research projects: she leaded the Daugavpils University partnership on large collaborative projects: FP6 SAL, FP7 MYPLACE, FP7 MYWEB, H2020 ECDP; currently she is working on the H2020 CHIEF project. She is the editor-in-chef of “Kultūras Studijas” (Cultural Studies).
The project related recent publications: Menzel, B., Stasulane, A., Kacane, I. “Esoterism and the East: Introduction”, in: Journal of Comparative Studies (Daugavpils), 2022, vol. 44, issue 15, 8– 16. Kiope, M., Runce, I., Stasulane, A. “Trajectories of Atheism and Secularization in Latvia: From the German Enlightenment to Contemporary Secularity”. In: Tomás Bubik, Atko Remmel, David Václavik (eds.). Freethought and Atheism in Central and Eastern Europe. New York: Routledge, 2020, 137-154. Stasulane, A. “Interaction between the Secular and the Religious: The Exhibition Latvia’s Century at the National History Museum of Latvia”. In: Časopis Historická Sociologie/Historical Sociology. 2 (2019) 53-67. Stasulane, A. “Le succès rencontre par les disciple de Roerich en Lettonie (1920-1940)”. In:  Éd. Dany Savelli. Autour de Nicolas Roerich: art, ésoterism, orientalism et politique. Slavica Occitania no.48, 2019, Toulouse : Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès, 415-435. Stasulane, A. “The Presence of Western Esotericism in Latvian Literature”. In Forum for World Literature Studies. Vol.11. No.1 (March) 2019, 10-22. Stasulane, A. “A Reconstructed Indigenous Religious Tradition in Latvia“. In: Religions Nr. 10, Issue 3, 2019, 1-13.

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