Dany Savelli

Assistant Professor of Russian Literature and Civilisation
Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès
5 allées Antonio Machado
31058 Toulouse Cedex 9

Dany Savelli is assistant professor in Russian Literature and Civilisation at Toulouse University. She earned her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature in 1994. She is particularly interested in the imaginary portrayal of Asia (Mongolia, China, Japan, and Tibet) in Russian literature, arts and thought. After editing The Presence of Buddhism in Russia in 2005, she focused on researching about the Russian painter and mystic Nikolai Roerich. In 2011, together with the Russian historian Alexander Andreyev, she edited The Roerichs: Between Facts and Myths (in Russian). In 2019, she was the editor of second collection of articles devoted to Roerich Around Nicholas Roerich: Art, Esotericism, Orientalism and Politics.

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