Irina Gordeeva

Research associate at Leibniz Centre for Contemporary History Potsdam
Am Neuen Markt 1
14467 Potsdam

Irina Gordeeva (b. 1975) graduated the Institute for History and Archives of the Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow, Russia) in 1997. She was a lecturer in the Department of History in the St. Philaret’s Christian Orthodox Institute (Moscow, Russia). In 2020-2022 was Ms. Gordeeva an associated researcher at ZZF Potsdam in Dep. I. Since 2022 is she a research associate at ZZF Potsdam in Dep. I.

Gordeeva`s research interests embrace the Tolstoyan movement, Russian communitarianism and utopianism, history of conscientious objection, alternative social movements, pacifism and nonviolence in Russia. One of her projects dedicated the history of pacifist movement in Russia from the Tolstoyans of the beginning of the 20th century to the independent peace activism of the late Soviet period (Group for Establishing Trust between East and West and Soviet hippies’ pacifist activity).

Gordeeva`s publications include: “Tolstoyans and the European Pacifist Movement in the 1920-1930s: Тhe Early History of European Transnational Solidarity”, CAS Sofia Working Paper Series (2022); “Christian Samizdat on Religious Seeking of the Soviet Countercultural Youth in the 1970s to mid-1980s”, in Igor Mikeshin (ed), Eight Essays on Russian Christianities (St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg Center for the History of Ideas, 2020), 79-107; “Tolstoy as an Icon of Nonviolence”, in Anna Hamling (ed.), Contemporary  Icons of  Nonviolence (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019), 24-46. (Peace Studies: Edges and Innovations); “Izmena Rodine v Forme Begstva za Granitsu: Sud’ba Aleksandra Shatravki i Fenomen Pobegushnikov v SSSR”, in Mariia Nekludova and Elena Shumilova (eds.),  Russkaia Avant’ura: Identichnosti, Proekty, Reprezentatsii (Moscow: Delo, 2019), 175-209; “‘Fighting for Peace is Everyone’s Job’: The Independent Peace Movement in the USSR and the Soviet View of Public Diplomacy in the 1980s”, in Óscar J. Martín García and Rósa Magnusdottir (eds.), Machineries of Persuasion: Soft European Power and Public Diplomacy during the Cold War (De Gruyeter Oldenbourg, 2019), 121-146, (Rethinking the Cold War, 3); “The Religious Roots of the Pacifist Movement in the Russian Empire and the USSR in the 20th century”, Reliģiski-filozofiski raksti XXV (Rīga: LU FSI, 2019), 242-263; “Zabytye Ludi: Istoriia rossiiskogo kommunitarnogo dvizheniai” (The Forgotten People: A history of the Russian communitarian movement) (Moscow: AIRO-XX, 2000, 2nd edition -2017), published following her PhD thesis.

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