James Hickman

Co-Founder, Chairperson of the Board and Chief Financial Officer
Ubiquity University
Wisdom School of Graduate Studies

James Hickman is the founding Chairperson of Ubiquity University. He received his Master’s Degree in Psychology from Sonoma State College and spent 30 years developing economic, professional and cultural relations between the United States and the countries within the former Soviet bloc, which included co-founding and serving as President/CEO for three companies: the Russian long-distance company Rustel; commercial enterprise company, AJ Ventures, Inc.; and Mosaic Networks, focused on international telecommunications projects.  He was a leader in the “citizen diplomacy” movement that spawned hundreds of citizen exchanges between the United States and the Soviet Union. His publications include Your Y2K Personal Protection Plan (Harper-Collins); and numerous published articles. Since 2005, he has lived in semi-retreat in Bolivia with his family, focused on his contemplative practice and his personal study of quantum physics, neuroscience, epigenetics, and the nature of reality. He is currently an instructor in these areas at Ubiquity University’s Wisdom School of Graduate Studies.
Relevant Publications: “Protecting Yourself and Your Business in Russia.” Wall Street Journal Europe, February 28, 1995; Psychological Principles of Citizen Diplomacy.” A chapter in Private Diplomacy with the Soviet Union, University Press of America, 1987; “Making Connections:  Worldwide Telecommunications in RuralRussia.”  Presentation to Development of the Telecommunication Infrastructure in Russia Conference, Moscow, May 18, 1995; “Red Stars Rising.”  Inc. Magazine, August 1995; “Business Role is Broader”.  Moscow Times, April 16, 1996; “Digital Overlay Network Opportunities”.  Presentation to Russian Telecommunication Opportunities Conference, NYC, March 26, 1997.

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