Jeanne Kormina

Ph.D., Professor
National Research University Higher School of Economics
Department of Sociology
55 Sedova Ulitsa, Korpus 2
1921 71 St Petersburg, Russia

Jeanne (Zhanna) Kormina is a Professor at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (St Petersburg, Russia), Departments of Sociology and History. She gained her PhD in Theory and History of Culture at Russian State University for the Humanities / European University at St. Petersburg. Her research areas are anthropology of religion, ethnographies of secularization, pilgrimage, anthropology of history, post-soviet studies, Orthodox Christianity, Charismatic Christianity. She published (in Russian) two monographs “Rituals of Departure to the Military Service” (2005) and “Pilgrims. Ethnographies of Orthodox Nomadism” (2019) and two co-edited volumes (with Alexander Panchenko and Sergei Shtykov) “Dreams of the Mother of God” (2006) and “Invention of Religion: Desecularisation in Post-Soviet Context” (2015). Some of her latest publications: Religious activism in Eastern Europe and beyond, Religion, State and Society, Informa UK Limited (2023); The Tsar’s Road: Invisible Infrastructure and Pious Labour in Contemporary Russian Orthodox Christianity, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences (The Kunstkamera) (2022); (with Vlad Naumescu) A “‘New Great Schism’? Theopolitics of communion and canonical territory in Orthodox Church”. In Anthropology Today, Vol. 36 (1), 2020; Angie Heo, Jeanne Kormina, Douglas Rogers, Webb Keane, Vlad Naumescu,Catherine Wanner, Kristen Ghodsee & Vera Shevzov (2020) Unfinished conversations: A tribute to Sonja Luehrmann (1975–2019), History and Anthropology, 31:2, 165-196; Introduction: Religion and Borders in (Post–)Cold War Peripheries,The Journal of Religion (2019); “The Emperor Surveyed the City: Surrealist Socialism and the Politics of Memory”. In Novoje literaturnoje obozrenije, Vol. 152: 34-57, 2018 (in Russian); (with Sonja Luehrmann) “Social Nature of Prayer in a Church of the Unchurched: Russian Orthodox Christianity From Its Edges”. In Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Vol. 86 (2): 394-424, 2018; (with Sergey Shtyrkov) “The Female Spiritual Elder and Death: Some Thoughts on Contemporary Lives of Russian Orthodox Saints”. In State, Religion and Church 4(2): 4–24, 2017; “Killer Yeast: Gastronomic Conspiracy Theories and. the Culture of Mistrust in Modern Russia“. In Forum for Anthropology and Culture, Vol. 12: 201-229, 2016.

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