Kaarina Aitamurto

Doctor of Philosophy
University of Helsinki
Russian and Eurasian Studies (Aleksanteri Institute)

Kaarina Aitamurto is the Head of Research Training at the Aleksanteri Institute at the University of Helsinki. Her research interests include Russian nationalism and the governance of minority religions.

Aitamurto`s publications include: Paganism, Traditionalism, Nationalism: Narratives of Russian Rodnoverie (Routledge, 2016); Modern Pagan and Native Faith Movements in Central and Eastern Europe (Ashgate, 2013);Religion, Expression, and Patriotism in Russia: Essays on Post-Soviet Society and the State(Ibidem-verlag, 2019); “Discussions about indigenous, national and transnational Islam in Russia”. In G. Simons (Ed.), The Image of Islam in Russia (pp. 25-40). Routledge. (2021); Mitikka, E., Heusala, A-L., Aitamurto, K., Into, N., Helin, O. K. I., Pesci, E., Gorbacheva, E., & Reynolds, B. “Aleksanteri-konferenssi 2021: Euraasia ja globaali maahanmuutto”The Finnish Review of East European Studies29(1), 90-92 (2022); Aitamurto, K. (2022). Dmitry Galtsin: “Faces of Proteus: History of Modern Paganism as a Religious Identity”, Saint Petersburg: RCHA Publishing, 2020. [Book review]. Magic, ritual, and witchcraft17(2), 334-337.; “Old Religion, New Spirituality” [Book review]. Journal of Contemporary Religion38(1), 157-159 (2023)

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