Maria Engström

Associate Professor of Russian Language and Literature
Department of Modern Languages, Slavic Languages
Uppsala University
Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 L, Box 636
751 26 Uppsala, Sweden

Maria Engström is an Associate Professor of Russian Language and Literature at Uppsala University, Sweden. Her research focuses on contemporary Russian neoconservative intellectual milieu and its ‘occulture’ roots (The Iuzhinskii Circle), neocosmism and post-Soviet utopian imagination, imperial aesthetics in contemporary literature and art, and the role of the Orthodox Church in contemporary Russian politics.
Engström’s recent publications include: Telluro-Cosmic Imperial Utopia and Contemporary Russian Art (In The Post-Soviet Politics of UtopiaLanguage, Fiction and Fantasy in Modern Russia, edited by Mikhail Suslov and Per-Arne Bodin, 2019); Recycling der Gegenkultur Die neue Ästhetik der ‘Zweiten Welt (Osteuropa 5/2019); Visualizing the Conservative Revolution: Alternative Globalization and Aesthetic Utopia of ‘Novorossiia’ (2018); Digital Orthodoxy: Mediating Post-Secularity in Russia (2015, co-edited); Contemporary Russian Messianism and New Russian Foreign Policy (2014).

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