Sergey Pakhomov

Associate Professor
Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia
Institute of Philosophy of Man
Department of Philosophical Anthropology and History of Philosophy
Malaya Posadskaya, 26
197046 Saint Petersburg

Chair of Association for the Studies of Esotericism and Mysticism (since 2009). Organizer of many scientific conferences and schools devoted to Esoteric studies (since 2007), Altered States of Consciousness (2013-2016), Oriental studies, etc., editor of proceedings of these conferences (more 40 volumes). Editor-in-chief of the online-journal “Aliter“.
Main books (all in Russian): (Ed., introduction, indexes). Buddhism: pro et contra. Anthology (RCHGa Publishing House, 2018). (Tr., introduction). Zimmer, Heinrich; Myths and  Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization (Akademicheskii Project Publishing House, 2015); (Ed., tr., introduction). Light of Dharma. Anthology of Traditional Indian Philosophy (Amphora Publishing House, 2013); (Tr., introduction). Eliade, Mircea. Yoga: Immortality and Freedom (Akademicheskii Project Publishing House, 2011, 3rd ed.); Hinduism (Yoga, Tantrism, Krishnaism) (Amphora Publishing House, 2002).

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