Stanislav Panin

PhD candidate
Rice University
Houston, TX, USA

Stanislav Panin is a scholar of religion and esotericism. He graduated from Moscow State University and achieved a degree of candidate of sciences in religious studies at the same university in 2015. His dissertation focused on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and attempted to represent its doctrines in the context of fin de siècle European philosophy. Since 2018, Stanislav Panin continues his research as a doctoral student at Rice University where he concentrates on the study of alternative spirituality in the USSR during the cold war period. On a more practical level, he is interested in connections between religions and political ideologies, issues of freedom of religion and belief, and social functions of conspiracy theories. His recent publications include: Conspiracy Narratives in Russia: A Search for Identity, Religious Worldviews, and Russian Politics. Religion Compass, vol. 16, issue 8, 2022; Reactions of Russian Religious Minorities on the Aggression Against UkraineTalk About: Law and Religion, 2022; Soviet Dissidents and Religion: Between Human Rights and National RootsTalk About: Law and Religion, 2022; In Search for a Language for Individualized ReligiosityTalk About: Law and Religion, 2021; Soviet Atlantis: Between Science Fiction and Esoteric Communities. Literary History, vol. 52, no. 171, p. 123–147, 2020.; A Language of “Sects” in Russian Reflections of Ukrainian AutocephalyTalk About: Law and Religion, 2020; Pagan Communities in the Time of PandemicTalk About: Law and Religion, 2020; Alternative Spiritualities in Russia during the Conflict in Ukraine. In Religion During the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict. Routledge, 2019. P. 69–85.; Esoteric Poetry in the Late USSR: The Case of Jan Koltunov. In Esotericism, Literature and Culture in Central and Eastern Europe. Belgrade, 2018. P. 175–182.; Astral Karate as a Phenomenon of Late-Soviet Esoteric Underground. Open Theology, 3, p. 408–416, 2017.

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